What is a good haircare routine?

It's not healthy to wash your hair every day, especially if you have thick or curly hair. Conditioner is a must, regardless of your hair type. Shampoo, conditioner and any shower product should be applied first, followed by heat protection, a volumizer or foam, and a brightening serum. Now that the wash is out of the way, how about it dries? Absorb excess water with a microfiber towel and avoid rubbing your hair between non-microfiber towels.

The only real appearance of a haircare routine was that every few weeks I would put coconut oil on my hair, which ended up weighing it more than it actually added moisture. Hair care routines don't have to be difficult, they should be simple enough that you can actually commit to one. Now that I've been in the beauty space for a few years, I have a tried and true hair care routine that I follow.